Employee Referral

Welcome to the employee referral page. From here you can select a vacancy (external published vacancies only) and send it to your friend to apply. The friend will receive the link to the vacancy and can apply directly. Remember to ask your referral to fill in your email address in the application page to ensure that you are known as the referrer.
If your referral is successfully employed, a bonus may be awarded to you (check with your local HR department / Recruitment organization for details.

How does it work?
1. Search for the position you want to refer a friend to.
2. Write down the reference number.
3. Click here to go to the Referral Website.
4. Search for the vacancy by the reference number.
5. Click on the appropriate link (at the bottom of the page) to send the vacancy to your friend.
6. Your friend will receive your email including your email address and will be able to apply to this position. On the application form your friend will find a box to fill in your email address as referrer of Atos.
7. After your friend has submitted the application, you will receive an email confirmation asking information about the candidate.
8. You will receive an email if your friend has been rejected or hired.